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New feature for custom flash cars


I would like to see some changes to the flash cards where users can create their own.

First I would like the option to upload audio files to match the speech of flash cards not covered by the course. I have my own recordings of some native Japanese speaking friends who have made lists for me in various forms and I have their voice on audio. The custom flash card creations are useless without voice.

Secondly I would like the ability for users who create their own flash cards to add photos to the background.

Can these be done to help improve users who create flash cards and make them public for others to use.


I completely agree with you, Tony-S10. I'm learning Chinese, and I think one of the funnest parts of learning a language is making your own sentences. It also helps a lot. I hope there are a lot of other people who agree with you.


That' great we just need more to agree! I have used flash car programs from other companies that have been great in the past but the problem is with flashcards you need audio to understand pronunciation. If there is no audio then they are useless and what we need to fix that with the custom flash cards is the ability to upload audio.

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