Forum New website problem

New website problem


Well it would appear that our buddies in IT have been at it again. Starting last night, every time I earn a few points I get a pop-up message saying " Congratulations! You've just achieved a new badge."

This extremely distracting and a royal pain! What's the scoop?



I am getting the "New Badge" popup every time I listen to an audio clip. Unusable until they fix it.


There is a "Contact Us" button in the Help Center. I recommend that people use the form to let them know about the problem. The IT people are more likely to see that than a forum post. The auto-response is "Please allow 2-4 working days for a response," but if enough of us email them it may take priority.


I did use the "Contact Us" button to report the problem as soon as I encountered it. And I just got a "New Badge" for posting in the comments section. 


Same problem here.


Yes, same problem. Very distracting and annoying. I submitted a complaint. 


Haha, when I posted on the forum the website said "Congratulations you achieved a new badge"!


I guess I missed it. Today is my first day back really trying with all my work I have been given and overtime. I never had a problem when I did my fifteen minutes yesterday out of all the free time I had.

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