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Norton Identity safe messes up Rocket languages


I find that Norton Identity Safe cases very slow performance in the practice conversation section. It is so slow to move on to the next phrase as to make it unusable. It also messes up recorded speech so that the playback is very disjointed rendering it useless.
These problems can be relieved by temporarily deactivating Norton Identity safe in the Chrome browser extensions. However it is a nuisance having to do this if I want to use Rocket languages. Norton Identity Safe provides a password vault so it is useful to have it active.
I have 64 bit windows 7, Norton Internet security, chrome, German language.
Is there any chance of liaising with Norton about this?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi sfpugh, 

Thank you for your feedback and our apologies for the inconvenience.  I have passed your comments on to our Product Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


Hi there
This can happen with a small minority of Chrome extensions where they give false positives around recording. Unfortunately there is nothing practical that we can do about it as we have no influence on the likes of Norton. In fact Norton Symantec have had trust issues of their own in relation to Google so it could be worth reconsidering the use of Norton altogether in my opinion.


I guess that my post was to inform other users with issue as much as anything.
I haven't had any other problems norton, and I think all the virus checkers have had issues at times so it is hard to know if it is worth changing.

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