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Offline Use Feature For IOS


I think it would be an incredibly useful feature to add an offline feature for the  rocket languages IOS app so that the audio is available to you when you don't have Internet. A simple option to turn on, like in apps such as Spotify or Rosetta Stone that allows you to download sections for use later when you're not online, perhaps on a module to module basis. 


I remember asking about this awhile back. RL is definitely focused on being an online resource. I have other language courses I listen to on my iPod when I'm on the move.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for your comments on this, I will submit it as feedback to our Product Development team for their review. Please note that it is possible to download the audio lessons and save/print the written sections of the course, in case you'd like to use the essence of the course offline. Some other features like the testings and record record, need to have an internet connection. 

Kind Regards!

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