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Forum phrases playing too fast

phrases playing too fast


The phrases play too fast, is there any way to slow them down?


You can use a slow-down program for audio files - Google will come up with a bunch of them, a lot of them free. Musicians use them to learn to play a hard piece faster - learn it slow, then speed the audio and your playing up, a little bit at a time.  It really works (for languages as well as for music.)  You don't have to continue using it forever (for the same language, that it) - once you've learned to hear faster, you've got it.


Audio controls for modules would be appreciated. I have the opposite problem in that I find many of the Japanese phrases play too slowly.


The same programs that slow audio down can also speed it up - it really helps in learning to understand news reports, which are often fast even for native speakers.  Audacity is great (and free), and can is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  It's a big help having all the audio here easily available for download, and with transcripts, too.


The phrases I'm thinking of are the longer ones in the "extra vocabulary" sections or Language & Culture modules which I don't think are downloadable.

Take for example this sentence from lesson 4.6 (it's about half way down the page):
 いっかい いちじょう、いちにち さんかい しょくご に のんで ください。
 Please take one at a time, three times a day after a meal.
The audio sample is VERY slow. And it's the same audio that plays for the flashcard.



You can record the audio with Audacity (maybe some of the other programs as well - I don't know) and then vary the speed of the playback - not only of the entire segment, but of small problem sections. (You highlight the wave form, just as you would a word in text - just drag the cursor over the trouble spot.)  It's the only way I'm going to get through even the earliest lessons in Arabic. 

BTW, I thought the idea was to break the language down into small pieces and take it slow?  Here we have compound sentences at native-speaker speed that the beginner is expected to repeat in what often seems like insufficient time.  And have these people never heard of "chunks"?! At least there's plenty of material to chop up.

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