Forum points awarded for answering a post...and then immediately taken away

points awarded for answering a post...and then immediately taken away


This happens to me a lot. I will post an answer to a question, and the system awards me 50 points. Then it refreshes the page and the points (as shown in Today's Points) is taken away. Sometimes if I post an answer later in the thread, it will give me the 50 points and not take it away after the refresh. It doesn't do that when I post a question, but we will see about that this time.

OK - on another thread, I posted a question and did not get points.


I see this as well sometimes.  I wondered if there was a minimum response length, to stop people spamming things like "I agree." to boost their points.

Now to see if I get any points for this ;-)


It's nice to know I'm not the only person seeing this behavior. My answers are usually a bit more substantial and still, I see this behavior. I may get points for this response, but you never know.

Postscript: the system gave me 50 points and let me keep it after the refresh.


I do quite a few forum posts and have never noticed this. I'll be watching really carefully for this one now!

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback! I will submit the message to our IT Team for their review. Once I hear from them, I'll let you know!

Kind Regards!


This happens to me too . Also, sometimes when I submit a post when it is submitted all the things I typed are gone and my post is blank. Any idea what is wrong?


The same thing happens to me; there are no points awarded and there's no record of my making the post.  That's frustrating, because I'm unable to go into my recent points awarded and see if there was any further action on the subject.


I forgot to mention that also,sometimes on a post the website will not let me submit the post it is very annoying!

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