Forum Points to go until next division

Points to go until next division



it use to display how many points to go until next group/level. But it does not anymore after the site revamp. Any way to see this or it is not possible?


Ciao Rigoletto,

I don't remember that, although it would be a good idea. 

There's this though:


marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Yes, there used to be a Badges page where you could see which badge you had and how many points were needed before reaching the next one. Our IT Team is planning to add it back but we would not be able to tell when it'll be ready.



Io non pago attenzione! :)


That's the one Drewster, yeah i wasn't sure what it was called.. badges. it has been a while since i used Rocket italiano since my return from overseas so i just needed extra motivation to get me going again :D thanks!

And thanks Marie.


I have to admit that I rather miss that "function"... I guess that it seemed to be a bit of "praise" for progressing.  Its absence is kind of annoying, and I do indeed hope that that comes back.
Surely it can't be THAT much of a complicated thing for the IT people, seeing as how it USED to be there !  That being said, I'm NOT an IT type.


Hi all - We have just reinstated the pop-up that happens when you get to a new badge level.

A list of all Badges will be added to the My Points page soon!


Great, thanks Jason! :) 

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