Forum points total in my progress not working correctly again

points total in my progress not working correctly again


The daily points totals in "My Progress" are not working properly again, the totals are far to high.


Me too sfpugh. Must be a little glitch. 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for the feedback; do you continue to see the same issue? I can report the problem if it's still going on. 

Kind Regards. 


The problem when away after a few days and it was working normally again yesterday.


Its just a time delay issue, no big deal. It has always been like it just not so noticeable.


No, that wasn't it. It has been resolved now but it looked like the 24 hour totals were being aggregated in some way so people in German were getting ridiculously high 24 hour totals like over 20,000 points. The overall totals looked OK though so it was just a display issue in My Progress.
I must admit I didn't try clearing the cache and re-logging in.


Thanks Marieg,

It was just a short glitch.  All good now.

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