Forum points upgrading very slow

points upgrading very slow


The awarding of  points is very slow the last few days. It takes up to 4 seconds after each phrase for the points counter to move .If  you move on to the next word or phrase in any lesson most likely you will not get  points awarded .
Is anyone else experiencing this?


I noticed a lag in points awards a few days ago but I also noticed that the total points would sometimes jump when I navigated to another page, i.e. the points were being awarded, just not updated in real-time. I use Firefox so I expect hiccups.

Points are accumulating normally for me today.


Hi all - This may be because points are awarded only once the function is complete e.g. the audio track or recording has finished. We used to give points on the initial button click but unfortunately, some people were gaming the points system.

If you feel that it a different reason then please let me know!


The points awarding seem to be much faster today (about 1 or 2 seconds max) for Spanish
The chinese RC still takes 3 to 4 seconds to upgrade. the problem is that if I go to the next phrase/word in the session it may or may not award the points. eg. a 20 point session will only award  15 points instead of the 20.

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