Forum Poll for new languages Hebrew and Greek

Poll for new languages Hebrew and Greek


Hello all,

I'm learning Italian and I enjoy it so much that I think more languages should be made available by Rocket Languages.

For me Hebrew or Modern Greek would be a great addition to the languages already offered. What language would you definitely like and buy when available?

Leave your comment below!


In all honesty I have been studying Japanese for onward of 10 years now and 3 on this website. It is a language I want to become fluent in. I can say that for me personally I am not the slightest bit interested in tackling a new language as I am 100% dedicated to Japanese.

Dean V

I think Hebrew or greek is a great idea, maybe add Latin as a specialty language for those who are interested in it as well.


I'd like to see Rocket Languages refine the interface / modules / lessons a little more before expanding to more languages—but my experience is with the structure of Rocket Languages Japanese which might or might not be very different from the structure of Rocket Languages Italian.


Hebrew and Latin would be cool!


Hebrew or Greek have always been a dream for me to learn.

Presently I am studying Spanish and sign language which are keeping me very busy.


I would like Vietnamese on Rocket. I'm currently learning it on Mango Languages, but Mango is, in my opinion, not add good as Rocket. I have been requesting for more languages, especially Vietnamese, on the "More languages, please!" post.


Mango has Ancient, Koine, and Modern Greek. Mango also has both Biblical and Modern Hebrew. Mango has many other languages that Rocket doesn't have, but, as I said before, I like Rocket a whole lot better. 


I am also totally happy with Rocket Japanese and don't really have time for any other language, though I wish I did.


Some people are faster at learning languages, and so they are more able to learn several languages than others. I'm not sure whether I'm fast at learning languages or not. I really want to learn Vietnamese, though. I tried Duolingo, but that doesn't work for me even as well as Mango. 


I really want to learn modern Greek. I Lear Ed a little for my first trip there in 2010, but I’d like to learn more for my trip next year. It’s not an easy language to learn without help.


WR, you could try Mango. As I said before, Mango has Ancient, Koine, and Modern Greek, but isn't as good as Rocket. Hope this is helpful! 

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