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Forum Problem with punctuation on Rocket Reinforcement tests

Problem with punctuation on Rocket Reinforcement tests


A minor issue, but since yesterday's upgrade, the software is replacing some of the punctuation with the symbols '$1' when it presents the answers.  This is in Rocket French, but I imagine it might affect other languages.

I sent a feedback message from the test itself but decided it was likely to be a general issue.


I have the exact same issue in "Write it" in Rocket French. "$1" is the first parameter in shell scripts. That information might help the developers troubleshoot the issue.


Happens intermittently in Rocket German as well.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback; do you continue to have problems with the course? I can follow up with the tech support team. 

Kind Regards


I have seen that as well and thought I was making spelling mistakes in write it section.


I can tell you this is an old problem going back several years at least.


Yes, I have been finding the same problem with the French course..


Problem seems to have disappeared, for me at least.


Hi all - This should have been rectified. Please let me know if that is not the case!

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