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Have you all noticed that the profile page shows your full name in the tab instead of your forum name?
  1. Full Name is shown on the Chrome tab, which reveals the person's real first and last name instead of Forum Name.
  2. Same problem for the text behind the image when receiving an email for topics that are updated. I believe this info should not be revealed as the idea of having a forum name is to avoid giving your real name, unless you wish to do so, in which case you can type a forum name that matches your full name.
  3. The calculation for the time elapsed is broken, it says 45 years ago for every post.
  4. Some links are broken like this one:


The pseudo name is rocket-arabic-amr, but the real name is Amr Mohy (and this shows in the tab)

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Hi Jason - I have passed this onto the development team. They are about to have a look at it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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