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Recording of my voice


Why cannot Record my voice.  Every time I try I am booted out of the program. I am using the app on my iPad. 


Me too (using the app on an IPhone) - the app crashes every time I try using the microphone. Seemed to start happening after the last app update (5.0.37)

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Hi there, 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused; we have reported the issue to our tech team so they can work on it and fix it as soon as possible. 

Kind Regards!


Possibly related... I KNOW i said the right thing, but the recording doesn't even wait until i'm finished talking to show me that i didn't say all of it...  I'm starting to invent a new language yelling at my phone......


Now that I am using the app on my iPad, it says Listening, so I assume it is recording me, but I see no ratings %
this is not really acceptable at this price for the app



The voice recording works fine for me on a PC and the mobile app provided that there is no excessive ambient noise surrounding me.


Sorry, but answers of the type « it works fine for me », similar to “we haven’t had any complaints from other customers », are not really very helpful. On my iPad I have followed the exact same procedure as on my (Mac) laptop - same quiet surroundings, same voice volume, etc. but it doesn’t respond. If as you seem to imply I should be doing something differently or there is maybe a problem with my iPad, I need a list of such possibilities to check if the ‘solution’ is to be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Hi RobinS66, 

Could you please try to uninstall and reinstall the app on your iPad? Our tech support team has just released a new update on the app and it should address these issues. 

Kind Regards


To clarify about the ambient noise if you are sitting in a parked car near traffic then the noise of the traffic is enough to throw it off. The room needs to be silent even from the ventilation sound of a noisy air conditioner I have found. The iPhone generally has better success at recognising my voice than the PC at times.


Thanks Marie-g, I got the app and now it works fine

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