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Have you considered allowing people to add more than one review, or maybe expire a review after a certain amount of time? I wrote my review only a month after I joined and I was finding it pretty tough at the time and I feel the product was not nearly as good as it is now. I'd really like to write another review which would be more positive but I don't think it's possible?



Hi Drew - I will add that idea to the wishlist.  In the meantime you can either add it here, or email it to support and we will update it manually.


That's ok, nothing urgent. I just re-read my review and realised that while the comments reflected that of a beginner, I view the product differently now, and certainly the whole product is much more polished now too.


I saw one review where the person said reviewers get $10 to write a review, so they all write good reviews.  I just want to say that I did not get paid to write my review and don't want to be paid.  I wrote a good review because I truly love this program.  It is fun, easy, and I am learning at my speed.  I love the reinforcement activities.  So that particular person has his opinion, but I totally disagree.  


Same experience with me. I have never been paid, nor would I write a review if I were offered money. 


I saw that review that mentioned getting 10$ for a review. I certainly didn't get 10$ for my review and I never saw anything about rocket paying for user reviews. On the other hand I suspect getting 500 points for a review motivates people.


I loved the points, too, but I still would have done it for no points or money.  This is just an excellent program.


Hi guys - The review system is meant to work as a rebate on a subsequent purchase. However, I think this method has probably done its time, so we will retire the rebate part of the process forthwith!


Since I started the thread, at the same time I would allow people to do multiple reviews. I gather that it was not allowed since there was a reward of some sort but views change over time. The product gets better and people get better at their language and get more things out of the site.


Hi Drewster - Yes, good idea, it's on the wishlist! In the meantime, the best thing to do is email customer support with your updated review and we can change it manually!

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