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sorry i'm here again sometimes i get half of the letters wrong and half of them right but i get 100 percent when this happens in a 6 letter word(edit(in all letter words)) can someone fix it please, p.s thanks in advance, Ramsey.


Entiendo sus problema, Ramsey. I have it as well. I've also got the problem that 50% of the time that I record myself I say something wrong and yet it says that I got it completely right, no matter the length of the word. Someone please fix this! En avance, gracias. Brittany


This may have something to do with accents.


You know that you can override the machine's rating, right? You are the human and you are in charge of your learning.

I often do this, both up and down. If it thinks I spoke a phrase perfectly but I know I didn't, I'll rate myself a 4 instead of a 5. Other times it thinks I did less than perfectly when I know I did it right, so I'll rate myself up. I sometimes will give myself a 1 if I know that I have seriously misunderstood or misstated a sentence so that I can easily go back and work on at the end of the test when the Redo feature (which I like a lot) pops up.


My problem does not have to do with the accents in Rocket's recording feature. I do override it when I know that I've done perfect, or better than, the way that the system rated me. But 50% of the time it is saying I did perfect when I was an absolute flop; HEEELLLP!!!!!!!!!


same here


I think we have to accept that the speech recognition isn't perfect. Sometimes it says you are right when you are wrong and sometimes that you wrong when you are right, but on the whole it is pretty good.
If I know I am right I mark accordingly and if I know I am wrong, I repeat until I am satisfied. The playback facility is useful for both these situations.

However there are somethings in German that are annoying, It can't deal properly with "ß" and "ss" which sound the same but can be used interchangeably. Sometimes one is written but the speech recogniser expects the other. Also numbers and times of day don't always work properly.  I expect there are the same sort of issues in other languages.


example of whats going on: i pronouce noches, it sais somethin random like nosle and gives me 100 percent

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