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As I use Rocket, which I think is fantastic, I often think of little things that IMO would make it better. I've mentioned some here and there in other threads, but I'm creating a "Wishlist" thread to keep them centralized. (It's also possible that there are already ways to do some of these things—please point them out if so.)
  • Add the ability to take 'notes' outside of a module.
  • Add the ability to view only threads a user is currently participating in.
  • Provide quick navigation to the top and bottom of pages for multi-page items (like forum threads or vocabulary lists).

Specifically for Rocket Japanese:
  • Add the ability to use furigana/Ruby text.
  • Add ability to quickly show/hide individual English / kana / kanji lines in transcripts (without affecting 'global' settings).
  • Teach the kanji for vocabulary words in the modules where words are introduced.


Hi  夫婦茶碗 - Your ideas are noted and will be passed onto the development team! Thanks!


If I may add one more request: make the the full text editing toolbar available in forum reply windows.

When I start a thread or reply, I have only a few options: bold, italics, underline, strikethrough. However if I edit my post I'm given options for creating bulleted lists, indentations, block quotes etc. I wish I could access those options without having to post then go back to make edits.


I have another possible item for the wishlist (I've been thinking of this for some time):
At the end of each module would it be possible to add some text or audio in the target language, tailored to the level completed, for entertainment and consolidation? It probably shouldn't count to the points?
(This is more of a 'language' type wish than a technical wish.)

For the first two or three modules it might be simply some variation on the dialogues, perhaps with any new vocabulary presented up front, but for the later modules it could be authentic French (or whichever language) from a novel, newspaper, or whatever (which might involve copyright issues), again chosen for the level currently achieved.

An example of a theme where it could be useful (from my own French studying) is after reflexive verbs are introduced: examples of sentences are provided, even related, but some more instances would surely help.

I realise this could mean a lot of work for the tutoring staff rather than the technical guys, so I accept I might be disappointed in this!
Apart from this I agree with the OP, Rocket Languages is excellent!


To clarify: the extra text or audio would be a sort of stand-alone 'lesson' after the main lessons.


I would love if the latest post in a forum would be placed first instead of having to go to other pages  to find it.  Thanks.


How about making it possible to mark a post as helpful if a forum member answers a question and it helped.
This would provide positive feedback to encourage people to help, and maybe they could also get a few extra points. 


Hi Peter - Good idea, but there is a bit of work in it!

Hi Claudia/Sfpugh - Will add these to the forum list!


Maybe add to the end of each lesson a short story that would develop reading ability and introduce some new vocab.  I have found that reading short stories in German has helped me develop proficiency in understanding the language beyond what is in the lessons.


I really like your idea, 70Augsburg! I would love to have some "baby" stories to read in Vietnamese. I really wish Mango had a forum like this one, because it (meaning the forum) has been so helpful! 


Another one: periodic forum clean-up.

Threads that are outdated (up to nine-years-old and refer to features that have been discontinued) pop-up all the time when using the search feature. Getting rid of them would help streamline search results and free up server space.


Is it possible to download The Conversations and Reviews?  I'd like to get a more immersive experience by listening to just Japanese, especially the completed lessons so I can follow along without hearing a bunch of unknown vocab.  Should be easy to do.  Thanks!


Hi JayG - These tracks already exist and can be found in the last Module of each Level. So, for Japanese, have a look in Module 7 for the various tracks.


There they are!
Thanks Jason!


I do have a suggestion. 

Please add the ability to rewind the audio in segments of 15sec.  As it is, when you are listening to a lesson and want to repeat something you have to use the slide bar.  It's really easy to either go back way too far or not enough.  It would be really  nice to be able to rewind or fast forward  15sec at the push of a button.   For an example just look at Apple Podcast.

Other than that, more audio in each lesson would be great.


I like dennis-b899's suggestion.


Would it be possible to have our Rocket certification level added to the forum (ideally to the right of the avatar, under the forum name)? That way one doesn't have to repeatedly say what level he or she is at when posting. Maybe a little country flag followed by the certification level?


At some point, either in the Language and Culture lessons or perhaps as an extra survival kit lesson, it might be interesting to have a map of the country where the language is mainly spoken (or originates), with regions and major cities marked. 

Also perhaps a city map of the capital, assuming that's where the main dialogues are presumed to take place.


Hi all - Just letting you know that all of these suggestions are getting viewed and added to a discussion board we have for future development!


Thank you for the update Jason.

Would it be possible to have the search function specify the module where something is taught/explained? Right now if you do a search on a word(s) it shows the modules where the word(s) appear. The results seem random as they're not in numerical order, and the lowest module number is not necessarily where the grammar is explained.


I have a few ideas regarding the format as in text display of characters and meaning such as making them larger, centred and more clearer in a way that stands out more when being read. I might have to send an email with examples of other stuff I use in programs to show what I mean.


I would find it useful to have a button that would selectively hide all English and/or all of the target language text on a given page. What I'm looking for is how well I'm translating entire conversations. The way it's set up now, I'm automatically seeing the translation for the person I'm not playing in the conversation "qui fausse le jeu" (wrecks/distorts what I'm trying to do). 


I also vouch for enabling learning with certification in mind. I think this would be a very big plus to the software and may  add more learners ( hence more revenue) . As we finish the modules, we should be knowing how much prepared are we towards certification . Even a rough estimte would do . Currently , we have no idea . Other wise , I am just loving learning German . 
Ich mag gerne Deutsch.


You can try asking others on the forum who have taken certification tests in the language you're studying to get an idea of which modules equate to which test levels.

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