Forum Study Feature Appears in Dashboard, but is not available

Study Feature Appears in Dashboard, but is not available


Hello! This may occur with other lessons, but I noticed it with Rocket Italian Lesson 1.7: Clarifying Things and Gendered Nouns. On my Dashboard, I see that Lesson 1.7 has Hear It! Write It! and Know it! quizzes available. However, if I go to the Lesson 1.7 page, these quizzes actually aren't there at all (in fact, no quiz is there). It's a little bothersome since I want to make my dashboard all green but this is preventing me. If a lesson has no quizzes, could it reflect that on the Dashboard, please?


This must be a bug, because I had this with other units, too. Deleting the cache, closing (the tab) and re-starting the browser helped. Good luck! But the quizzes are definitely there, I can see them!


That fixed the problem, thanks Hundetier!

marieg-rocket languages

Hi There, 

Hundetier, thank you very much for your assistance on this! 

If any of you have any other type of issue, please feel free to contact us and let us know. 

Kind Regards!


Seems like you already found a solution, but I find I can see everything in Google Chrome but if I try opening the site in Safari features are often missing - particularly the ability to play audios.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Andrea, 

Thank you for your feedback. We recommend using an up-to-date version of Chrome for a better experience with the course, Safari would allow you to listen to the audio but you wouldn't be able to record yourself. 

Kind Regards!

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