Forum Turning off speech recognition for Play It!

Turning off speech recognition for Play It!


Apologies if this has been already asked. The search didn't turn up anything.

I would prefer to use the "Play It!" functionality without the speech recognition. I have been using Firefox for this section (which bypasses the speech recognition) but the voices don't play in that browser. Any suggestions?


Hi Steven - In Chrome there is an on/off toggle in Play it! for the voice recognition feature. It is on the right hand side of each Play it! test.

Also, can you clarify what you mean by "the voices don't play" in Firefox? Do you mean the playback? Or something else?


Hi Jason. Thanks for the tip (I'm astonished I missed that option - it couldn't have been better placed). I find using this feature to be a terrific way to improvise conversations around the standard dialog.

With respect to the voices don't play in Firefox, I'm referring to those of the other speakers after I hit the "Get Started" button. Sometimes the voice will partially play but most often not at all. In any event, it's a mute point for me as I'll stick to Chrome.


Hi Steven - I am glad you found it! Can you give me an example lesson where the Firefox issue occurs? I can't seem to replicate that with the lessons that I have tried.


Hi Jason - I replicated the issue just now:
- Level 3 playing the part of Maria
[Firefox 50.0, English]

The voices work until Maria (my part) has to talk. After I speak, no more sound comes out (i.e., from "Old Lady" and "Miguel"). In other cases prior, I remember the voices starting to play but then would cut out.

Hope this helps. [btw I'm enjoying the new Spanish Travelogue course - nice job.]


Hi Steven - That is strange, as it works fine for me. Nevertheless I will initiate a IT support ticket to look into it and see if they can figure out what the issue is.

I am glad to hear you like the Travelogues!

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