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Forum Where is the summary of how points were earned?

Where is the summary of how points were earned?


It used to be possible to see a summary of how points were earned in the various categories. I think it used to be at the bottom of My Progress, but I can't find it any more.
I thought it was quite a useful way of seeing how much time was being allocated to the various features of the course were used.


I agree that it was very helpful to see the various categories of how points were earned. and to keep track of the actual progress.

Not sure when the categories were removed but would be terrific if they could bring them back.


Hi all - We took it out as our rapid increase in members/users meant that it was taking up a lot of processing power to maintain up to date detailed records. In saying that we are switching the members area to a more efficient system in the New Year so we can re-look at it then.


In all respects I do not believe seeing how you earn points is helpful.

If you really want feedback then try play it. You get given a score based on how well you pronounced and spoke the sentence. Use that as feedback to your progress.

Same with the modules. You will see a red microphone button, speak into it and see your result, same with typing. In play it you can even turn the text off and go off memory and see your score.

That is the best way to track your progress in my opinion.


I would say that the two things provide different information.
Categorising points earned gives and indication on how you are using the system and play it and other tests tells you how effective you have been.

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