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Forum Would it be possible to have a poll option in the forum topics?

Would it be possible to have a poll option in the forum topics?


I feel that it would be an interesting addition to the Rocket Forums.  Even if some people don't respond directly via text, it can still be a way to better understand one another.  And for the Rocket Staff, having a poll could directly benefit you as you would have a better idea of what your customers like and don't like, and be able to do things that we appreciate more.  This could also be more useful in bringing over more people to Rocket.


Interesting thought! Polls wouldn't annoy me at all. Perhaps a daily one? 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi trutenor, 

We certainly appreciate the feedback and will forward it to our Product Development team for their consideration.



Perhaps a really simple way of doing this as well would be to add 'likes' or 'upvotes'. You could add 10 points for each like.


Hi all - Great idea and as Marie mentioned, it has been added to the list for future consideration!


If polls get added, would there be a separate place in the forum for them? If so, would they have their own mini forum, like each language, a place in each forum, like the "Feedback and Comments" mini mini forum, or a mini mini forum in only the "General" forum, instead of in all the mini forums? Also, would users be able to create them, or only "staff"?

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