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Are there prefixes in French

Are there prefixes in french like; retake remake, pretest or do they just say to take again, make again, and does recherche mean the same as cherche

I say it's a bit tricky in English research means to study,it does'nt mean to search again so don't assume that prefix's in french always mean the same

Hi there, > Are there prefixes in French like; "retake" "remake", "pretest"? Yes. Putting the prefixe "re" has the same meaning as in English. Therefore you can : "refaire l'exercice, revoir un film, reboutonner la chemise, repartir, renaitre... With "pré" it is a bit tricky as they are usually verbs on their own. It can work with "dire and prédire, voir and prévoir, compter et précompter, fabriquer et préfabriquer... But it's not a 100% rule, that is "préférer" doesn't mean there is the verb "férer", or "diquer" for "prédiquer", "sumer" for "présumer".... ..Does "recherche" mean the same as "cherche"? The dictionary definition for "rechercher" is "chercher de façon méthodique, consciente ou insistante' which means "to search intensively". So yes, they are more or less the same... Voilà!

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