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dictionery apps

I'm an early beginner. What is the best dictionary app (paid or free) for finding the meaning of a french word.ThanksRob

4 replies - Last post by RobertT73 - March 13, 2023


How do you “save” the flashcards that you want to review?  Thanks.  Loving Rocket French

1 reply - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages - January 23, 2023

NG in loanwords

Preface, I am not an expert in any way shape or form on phonetics.Second preface, I do not know if this is the correct sub forum for this so please let me know if I should move this or post similar phonetics questions somewhere else in the future.So I am ...

1 reply - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - January 16, 2023

Vocabulary Volume

Does anyone know how many words each level of Rocket French covers? In other words, how many words someone will know after mastering each level. More than a thousand for each level?

5 replies - Last post by RobertC106 - November 8, 2022

dernier / premier : pronunciation

I have never seen it described anywhere, but I'm nevertheless convinced that dernier and premier are pronounced more as dernière  and première, respectively, when they occur before a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or a mute h. ex. le dernier appe...

3 replies - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - October 3, 2022

French books

Do you recommend any beginner french books I can read? I am currently doing level 1 french.

1 reply - Last post by RobertC106 - March 17, 2022

English idiom - "suffocating" relationship?

In English we talk about being “suffocated” or “smothered” by a domineering person in a relationship. Does French use a similar concept, being unable to breathe in a relationship?

4 replies - Last post by ChipZ - January 18, 2022

Meaning of the expression, " Moyennant quoi" .

What is the meaning of “ moyennant quoi” ?Please give examples of its use at the beginning of a sentence.

1 reply - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - August 24, 2021

L'artiste n'acquiesce pas: il se démultiplie.

Salut tout le monde,The sentence above drives me crazy for several days: I have known the words before, but the sentence made no sense.  Consulted a very good dictionary, internet, still … no sensible translation.  Can anyone shed the light?Merci,Vit Novak

3 replies - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - May 19, 2021

Writing French durin a lesson

I do not get the french letters with accents when writing french during the lesson. I am using an Iphone

1 reply - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - May 5, 2021

neuf vs. neuf : purely contextual?

Salut,Is the distinction of the words neuf (9) and neuf(new) purely contextual?  If so consider:Quoi de neuf ?  could it mean “what kind of nine?!” if a store keeper charges you for nine items instead of, say, eight.Magnifique neuf.  Could it mean the Mag...

4 replies - Last post by Mitchell-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - March 16, 2021

mai-ntenant vs. ma-intenant

Salut,from the very first Rocket French lessons I kept wondering about pronunciation of the word maintenant.  Some pronounce it as -what I would write-  mai-ntenant , some as ma-intenant.  Obviously, the voice recognition accepts both, no problem.  But, j...

10 replies - Last post by RobertC106 - February 8, 2021

Vocabulary, Phrase Review

Hi guys, I am just trying the Rocket French. Yesterday I did the first lesson and I must say I like how the course is done. How is review of vocabulary and phrases done at Rocket French? Are the reviews coming automatically (for example in form of flashca...

1 reply - Last post by RobertC106 - January 31, 2021

Du troupeau et d'exil

Bonjour,I have a long sentence, a simple one.  Except that it starts with a sequence that appears to be an idiom, as the translation word-by-word does not seem to have a bearing to what follows it.Du troupeau et d'exil, avec la certitude que tous les homm...

2 replies - Last post by VitN - January 19, 2021

Pronunciation of Mais vs. Mes

Bonjour, I'm on the Hear It section of 1.14. The phrase is “mes devoirs”. But no matter how I try to imitate the speaker, it gets “mais devoir”. Is this just an oddity of the speech engine, or is there a real difference in the pronunciation between these ...

2 replies - Last post by devbanana - January 15, 2021


Salut tout le monde,I have a sentence, a supposed pearl of wisdom, that seems quite easy to translate, yet the translation sounds like a dud.Un homme qui vécu sur un sol rien faire qu'y manger et dormir ne verra dans l'événement qu'un changement d'habitud...

2 replies - Last post by VitN - January 5, 2021

Custom Flashcards

After typing a list of words to create  a new deck I push the create symbol and I get  a red error symbol sliding in to the screen from the lower left hand corner .Has anyone had this problem and fixed it?I have tried e mailing Support but got nowhere tha...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - January 4, 2021

How did you tackle the language & culture part of these courses ?

I have recently started french through this course, I seem to be hitting a wall early on with the language and culture lessons they seem to be introducing too many new words quickly without any context which makes it harder for anyone to memorize, so any ...

1 reply - Last post by devbanana - December 27, 2020

Pronunciation -- jus versus jeu -- 1.4 I cannot seem to ever say "jus" correctly

In every part of lesson 1.4, whenever the phrase "Je voudrais un jus" comes up, no matter how I say it, Rocket recognizes it as "Je voudrais un j‍‍e‍‍u‍" ... what the heck am I doing wrong?

4 replies - Last post by Jefluz - November 19, 2020

pronunciation of 'y'

The letter/word 'y' has two pronunciations. I'm trying to determine the rules.  For instance. Il y a  versus y-a-t il AND il n'y a rien à faire versus j'y vais Can you explain how to know which pronunciation to use? The best I can determine the 'y...

5 replies - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - August 12, 2020

Etats-Unis vs. États-Unis , Which is correct.

The Lesson 14.1 has it both ways.  There is a sentence de certains des mes produits aux États-Unis, the there are about 5 other sentences having Etats-Unis.  Which way is the correct way? regards, Vit Novak

1 reply - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - June 22, 2020

De montagne or de LA montagne?

Hello! Enclosing two examples from lesson 7.3 1. Montons au sommet de la montagne. 2. Descendons jusqu'au refuge de montagne. The first sentence sounds right to me. The second does not. Should it not be "Descendons jusqu'au refuge de LA montagne"? Or if n...

0 replies - Last post by SBack - May 4, 2020

Lesson 7.1

Paul defines 'aucun' on its own as meaning 'a single' (although in the sentence it is not actually 'on its own' as it is part of ne . . aucun as 'Il n'y a aucun . . .' ). Can you provide reference/s to this translation because I can find 'aucun' reference...

1 reply - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - March 23, 2020

Prendre: to take

Hi Working on 17.6: Verbs ending in -dre The explanation says 'Unlike the previous verbs ending in « -dre », « prendre » will lose its « d » as shown below:' when in fact it looks as though it's the 'r' that's missing rather than the 'd' ie prendre become...

3 replies - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - October 9, 2019

Download Phrases from the Extra Vocabulary Section?

Hi It's great that I can download the conversations and lessons from the interactive audio lessons. But is it possible to download the individual phrases or words underneath the "Extra Vocabulary" section? Thanks Robert

1 reply - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - July 25, 2019

celui or ceux in lesson 19.1

I have a question regarding lesson 19.1. Is the sentence: « Non, je vais aux musées aussi, surtout celui des beaux-arts » correct? Specifically, why is it 'celui' and not 'ceux' as it appears to refer to 'musées' and should be plural? The English is "No, ...

3 replies - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - July 23, 2019

Word « particulièment » in lesson 18.7

Lesson 18.7 starts with the sentence:  « Salut et bienvenue une nouvelle fois pour une leçon de français particulièment savoureuse. »  "Hi and welcome back to a particularly tasty Rocket French lesson!" Should it be « particulièrement » ? I've checked th...

5 replies - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - June 19, 2019

Pronunciation of "il (or elle) vend"

I am currently doing module 17.6 and am just wondering - is there a difference in pronunciation between "il vend" and "ils vont"?  Or can they only be distinguished by context? (Likewise with "elle vend" & "elles vont".) The first means "he sells" or "he ...

3 replies - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - April 25, 2019

eu - pronouncing past participle of avoir

I am at lesson 10.8 on past participles.  Just the name of the lesson gives me a headache, but when I try to conquer sounding of eu, the past participle of avoir, I feel like shooting myself in the head.  I had laughed enough in the past watching old fren...

1 reply - Last post by Liss-Rocket-Languages-Tutor - April 16, 2019

“Besoin” pronunciation

Bonjour! A very quick question - In lesson 1.4 Ordering things in French we are taught the us of “J’ai besoin de..”.  My query is that Paul and Claire pronounce the “e” in  besoin differently. Paul pronounces it as “eh” whereas Claire pronounces it as “uh...

2 replies - Last post by VonJ - February 3, 2019

Hear it, say it

How do I get it to bring up the next phrase or word to say?

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - October 26, 2018

How doen one make thier own flashcards?

How does one make their own flashcards?

1 reply - Last post by EdgarA5 - August 5, 2018

noun gender

In listing vocabulary words, many times rocket french does not list a preceding article which as you say is part of the noun.  Since gender is so important, why list the noun with no gender associated with it. is Ananas mas or fem. Is Lunettes mas or fem....

4 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - June 19, 2018

vocab without the pronouns

I want to know the pronouns (whether the object is feminine or masculine) in my vocabulary list or any time new vocab is presented to me.... is there an option to activate it or is that something this course doesn't offer?

0 replies - Last post by emiG4 - June 11, 2018

Vocabulary List

I would like to empty my vocabulary list.  Is there a simple way to accomplish this without clearing all of my completed lessons?

0 replies - Last post by Norina-P - April 4, 2018

voice playback problem

After about half an hour of the lesson my voice recordings playback gets faster and faster with crackling noises in the background. This happens every time I use the lessons. It starts out OK. I can't really compare my recording to the instructor so just ...

0 replies - Last post by BarbaraH15 - March 30, 2018

silly question about 'going to work'

A phrase that has appeared several times: 'je vais travailler aujourd'hui' which translates as 'I'm going to work today' and often is next to a picture of someone getting on a train. It's ambiguous (in English at least), how would you differentiate be...

1 reply - Last post by toru e - January 29, 2018

rajouter and ajouter

Is there any difference in usage between rajouter ('to add') and ajouter (also 'to add') ?

2 replies - Last post by Peter--252 - October 29, 2017

word distinction

Please, what is the difference between "tous" and "tout"? Don't they both mean "all"? Thank you.

1 reply - Last post by toru e - August 29, 2017

Is there a way to change user profiles if you all have the same email address?

I enrolled my daughter into French and American Sign Language. My other daughter would like to learn Spanish and American Sign Language. I would like to learn Italian and American Sign Language. As my children are young, we all have the same email address...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - July 20, 2017

C'est prenant?

Bonjour, J'imagine que "prenant" en anglais, c'est demanding, serious, time-consuming... pas exciting. Est-ce que l'expresson de traduction avait fait une erreur? La leçon 17.4 Working life   Jean Qu'est-ce que tu fais dans la vie Julie ? What do y...

5 replies - Last post by Sue--114 - July 16, 2017

Une fiche/feuille de paye

In Lesson 11.4, the bank manager asks for a pay stub -- une fiche de paye  in the Interactive Audio, but une feuille de paye in the Conversation Transcript.  In the Rocket Review, a pay slip translates to une fiche de paye.  The dictionary translation for...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - May 14, 2017

French flash cards.

Bon jour...  I'm trying to find a set of French flash cards to carry with me.  Are there any suggestions on which is the best, I see a few different types.  Merci Beaucoup. Richard....

2 replies - Last post by Gettysburg702 - January 29, 2017

Flash cards and games

How do I access flash cars and games?

1 reply - Last post by Diana-S1 - January 16, 2017

Thank you for lunch?

How do you say: Thank you for lunch in French? This is one of the most common sentences I use at home and would like to know it in French. I have searched it on Google Transalate, but I'm not sure if the pronounciation is correct. Perhaps a fluent French ...

1 reply - Last post by Mark-G1193 - September 26, 2016


If  "Il y a plus de lait dans le frigo" means there is no milk in the fridge, ie. dropping the "ne" how do you say there is more milk in the fridge. I did think you used encore but that doesn't quite fit.

1 reply - Last post by toru e - June 9, 2016

My vocab still not working properly

If I copy a sentence or a word (by clicking the words) to My Vocab and want to translate them in my own language, words with an "r" won't get written with the "r" in it. I have reported this in February and then I got an email from the support department...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - June 3, 2016

where is the Rocket Scheduler on the dashboard?

I need this to be more organized.  Thanks! Harry Cooksey

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - February 24, 2016

sans doute vs sans aucun doute (5.6 Part 1 and 5.7 Part 2)

5.6, "Putting things together" Part 1. The translation for "sans doute" was "probably" but I felt that it should be "no doubt" or "without [a] doubt". On the same lesson "sans aucun doute" was  translated as "without a doubt". I accepted it to pass the te...

26 replies - Last post by toru e - February 22, 2016

voice recognition of spoken numbers

does anyone else have problems with voice recognition of numbers. I have got my french neighbour to say numbers and still it only shows 25 or 50%

1 reply - Last post by toru e - February 22, 2016

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