Forum Rocket French French Vocab Meaning of the expression, " Moyennant quoi" .

Meaning of the expression, " Moyennant quoi" .



What is the meaning of “ moyennant quoi” ?

Please give examples of its use at the beginning of a sentence.



Bonjour Stellabelle,


“Moyennant quoi” could be translated as “such that”, “as a result of which” or “meaning that”. It's a very formal phrase and is used to the description of something. For example:


  • Les deux éléments vont de pair, moyennant quoi l'environnement marin va à coup sûr profiter des progrès futurs.
  • The two go hand in glove, such that the marine environment is sure to benefit from future advancements.

As I said, it is a very formal phrase and not really something you would hear in spoken language. 


I hope this helps,


   -   Mitchell

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