rajouter and ajouter


Is there any difference in usage between rajouter ('to add') and ajouter (also 'to add') ?


Bonjour Peter--252,

Although it is true rajouter and ajouter both mean 'to add', you may also translate rajouter as 'to add more' and implies adding more a something to an existing thing.

For example, we were making a soup and wanted to add some salt to it (but none previously was added), we could say:
Peux-tu ajouter un peu de sel dans la soupe? - Can you add some salt to the soup?

If the soup is still not salty enough, then we could say,
Rajoute encore un peu de sel, s'il te plaît. - Add a bit more salt, please.

Does this clear the meanings up?

   -   Marie-Claire


Bonjour Marie, yes that does clear it all up thanks.


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