Forum Rocket French French Vocab How did you tackle the language & culture part of these courses ?

How did you tackle the language & culture part of these courses ?



I have recently started french through this course, I seem to be hitting a wall early on with the language and culture lessons they seem to be introducing too many new words quickly without any context which makes it harder for anyone to memorize, so any tips from those who are more advanced into those courses on how to go along with these lessons, can I just escape the included vocabulary and just take away the grammar? thanks in advance.


I'm sorry you never got a reply to this, hopefully it's not too late to give my own input.


IMO I wouldn't skip the vocabulary; I think they are very valuable. What I've been doing is creating flashcards with the vocabulary in the various lessons. You can use something like Anki, or your flashcard app of choice. Then over time you'll have no problem remembering them.


I think the Rocket courses work best with an external flashcard app using spaced repetition. Otherwise how could you ever remember all the vocabulary, even in the lessons?

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