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silly question about 'going to work'


A phrase that has appeared several times:

'je vais travailler aujourd'hui'

which translates as 'I'm going to work today'

and often is next to a picture of someone getting on a train.

It's ambiguous (in English at least), how would you differentiate between 'I'm going to do some work today' and 'I'm going to my place of work today' ???

Sorry seems trivial, but it's bugging me :-(

toru e

It's more common to say « aller au bureau » (to go to the office) or colloquially « aller au boulot », but you could use the noun « le travail » for work (n) versus «travailler » (to work, verb)

To go somewhere would be « aller à », so: Je vais (aller) au travail. => I'm going (to go) to (the) work(place). [aller à + le = aller au]. 

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