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Forum Rocket French French Vocab complaints plaindre or reclamation

complaints plaindre or reclamation



Lesson 7.8 discusses “complaints” when would you use je voudrais vous faire une reclamation versus Je voudrais me plaindre


Salut Vicki, Great question! 'Je voudrais vous faire une reclamation' translates as 'I would like to make a claim' whereas 'Je voudrais me plaindre' translates as 'I would like to complain' I see that in Lesson 7.8 'reclamation' is translated as 'complaint' which gets the message across, however it means something more like 'claim' in that you believe you have the right to something and action needs to be taken. Whereas with a simple 'complaint' you are expressing displeasure but action doesn't necessarily need to be taken. I hope this helps clarify. Bon chance! Marie-Claire

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