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Describing 'twins' in French


Hi, I am confused about how to describe non-identical twins in french. I understand we use jumelle(s)/jumeau(x) for male and female, but how do we describe twins of non-indentical sex?! My neighbours have twins who are a boy and a girl and I am unsure how to describe them correctly. Thanks for any help, Lucy

toru e

You could use "faux jumeaux" or "jumeaux non identiques", which applies to both fraternal twin boys or fraternal boy and girl twins.


Antidote suggests: Locutions (2) jumeaux dizygotes Jumeaux provenant de deux zygotes différents. jumeaux monozygotes ou vrais jumeaux Jumeaux qui proviennent de la division d’un seul ovule fécondé par un seul spermatozoïde et qui se ressemblent totalement.


Thank you both! very helpful.


Bonjour à tous! Oui, on dit plutôt "des faux jumeaux" for non-identical twins and "des vrais jumeaux" for identical twins. 'Jumeaux dizygotes' is a little too scientific and is not really used in everyday speech unless you can get away with it without tripping up over your own tongue. Keep up the good work! - Marie-Claire

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