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help with expresions please


Hi all could any one tell me please is there another meaning to" Ça ira comme ça ? " other than " will that do" thank you


I did an RF search on "Ça ira comme ça ?" and found it in Lesson 6.8; the translation is "Does that work for you?"  However, an RF search on "will that do" yielded no hits.

I also tried my dictionary; I had no hits for "Ça ira comme ça ?" However, the closest translation for "will that do" that I found, was for "will this do?"  The translation is "Est-ce que ce sera suffisant ?"

There may be something that I'm missing, so somebody with more experience than me will need to answer this one.

toru e

I agree with Diana, I'm unclear on an "other" meaning also. The sentence pretty much means, "Will this/that work as it is?" or "Will this/that work like this/that?", so the variations previously mentioned (Does that work for you?, Will that do?) all roughly mean the same thing. There's an implication that there's something not quite ideal about the situation, but it suffices for your purpose (like wanting a red sweater and the store only has a burgundy one in the size you want, or maybe shopping for a pen and checking to see if it writes upside-down).

Another langue courante expression is "Ça va aller" either as a question or a comment (Is that okay? Will it do? / That's okay, It will be fine, It will do.)


Bonjour Richard,

Another way to look at this is to remember that the word "aller" - to go, is often used the way we (English speaking) would use the word "faire" - to do. A simple example: The French say "Comment vas-tu?" Literally "how are you going?" We would say it as "how are you doing?" or as that guy on "Friends" would say "How you doin'?"

So if you apply your phrase "Ca ira comme ca" to this logic it would be: "That will go like that" or English version "That will do like that?" or more properly, "will that do like that" reduced to, "will that do?" "Ira" being  3rd person future of "aller" of course.

Now if that's not the question you're asking but rather is there another translation for the question, I'll offer this: You're standing with a friend and his bike has two bent wheels and looks completely unrideable (is that a word?). He says, "goodbye, I have to leave now." and you say, "Ca ira comme ca?" In that case I think the translation would be, "That will go like that?"

I hope I didn't confuse you as much as I confused myself!! Hang in there it will all start to sink in.

Bon courage!


Bonjour tout le monde!

You have collectively answered richard's question perfectly! I will just chip in with this wee tip; that being, if you every come across expressions such as these that include verbs conjugated in anything other than the present, revert the verb back to its present form because chances are you will have come across this before or at least something similar in the present tense. Even if you haven't it should still make understanding the overall meaning more manageable.

Keep up the good work and courage à tous!

   -   Marie-Claire

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