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Forum Rocket French French Vocab lesson 11.3 car being ticketed

lesson 11.3 car being ticketed



in lesson 11.3, Eric is telling his story about a ticket & the car being “removed”. In the English translation it says “the pound was taking my car” but I think you mean to say the car was going to be towed ( to the pound). I realize there may be another way to indicate the car is being towed - which can happen for various reasons a ticket or a problem with the car so i am not sure if the implication here is the car is going to be towed to the pound but would just like to clarify. thanks the sentences from the lesson are below french = je suis retourné, des agents de circulation étaient en train de me mettre une contravention et la fourrière était en train d'emmener ma voiture translation shows - when I came back traffic wardens were in the process of giving me a ticket and the pound was taking my car


Bonjour! The translation in English is pretty much literal word-for-word of the French, which we felt was necessary in this case. It does mean the car was being towed and taken to be impounded. Best of luck! :) Marie-Claire

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