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Forum Rocket French French Vocab lesson 15.4 & 15.6 verbage "marketing"

lesson 15.4 & 15.6 verbage "marketing"



Hi I have reviewed both lesson 15.4 Business Meeting / Réunion de Travail & also 15.6 today & they both mention "marketing" but use different words. In this conversation they are having issues & the wording says " Bon. Il faut en discuter avec le département de marketing, en faire l'analyse et revoir notre approche." in lesson 15.6 they also talk about marketing but a totally different word • Le département qui m’intéresse est celui de commercialisation. When would you use commercialisation & not le département de marketing Or could you also say le deparement qui m’interesse est celui de marketing? Merci


Bonjour! Excusez-moi for the late reply. Commercialisation and marketing can both mean the same thing in French; however, commercialisation can also mean distribution(s). You may also say both sentences: Le département qui m’intéresse est celui de commercialisation and le deparement qui m’intéresse est celui de marketing. Both make sense and would be understood. I hope this helps - J'éspère que cela vous aide. - Marie-Claire

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