Just looked at some numbers I got from French Language Blog and 80 was simply quatre-vingts which is much easier to remember than quatre-vingts ou Huitante!

toru e

Yeah, I just go by quatre-vingts. I'm not sure which Francophone countries use huitante, but it's quatre-vingts in France. I've also been to Brussels and Geneva and they understand quatre-vingts too.


Bonjour tous les deux!

Huitante is used in especially Belgium and also Switzerland to a certain extent. Quatre-vingts is standard bon français in France and is understood everywhere. I would advise you to stick with quatre-vingts because it is the more universally accepted version and a simple recognition of septante, huitante and nonante should be sufficient.

I hope this helps and keep up the good work!

   -   Marie-Claire


Four score and twenty years ago...

I have met at least two people in France that prefer huitante.  I think the reason is that they don't want to calculate 4*20 each time they hear the word. To solve that problem, it's best to not think about it and just smash them together like those long German words.

If you want to have some fun, try using vingt-quatre just to see if anybody actually pays attention.




This week, 7 Jours has a report that uses nonante in the audio clip:
Can anybody tell me where the reporter lives by his accent?

Après tout, il est un cas unique au monde : c’est le premier président à avoir renoncé à 90 % de son salaire. Il affirmait ne pas en avoir besoin pour assurer son train de vie de paysan.

Link to free version with option to unlock games:
Learn French with 7 jours sur la planète - Lite by TV5MONDE

Link to $5 version:
Learn French with 7 jours sur la planète by TV5MONDE


toru e

Hmm...just listened to it again. Now I'm leaning Belgian, but he doesn't use the "twangier" words for me to know for sure.

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