Ordering meat

Hi, I'm enjoying the course. Hard to learn a new language at my tender age but seeing that I'm planning to move to Canada in the next 12 to 18 months, most definitely worth the effort. Myself and a friend is going to France for a couple of days next week. She likes her meat to be really well done - almost to the point of cremating it. How would I ask (to the sheer disgust of the chef I'm sure) for her meat to be well done. Thanks Andre


Salut vhawk, I think "bien fait / well done" will get you some "Incinerated meat". I maybe wrong on this, just learning too. You will enjoy Canada it's a great place! Enjoy Paris as well.

Thanks echoca, 'Bien fait' it will be. Cant wait to move to Canada, just waiting for my parent's sponsorship to be finalized. Been there twice for holidays and it truly is the most fantastic country on this planet.

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