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The article in front of a noun


I find that sometimes we are given nouns without the article in front. Since in French, we need to know if a noun is either masculine or feminine, it would be nice to always have the article with the noun. Yes, I can look it up in a dictionary each time, but it would be more convenient if I didn't have to. Otherwise, I am enjoying the program.


Hi Ruth-Anne,

Sometimes French does not call for an article to be placed in front of the noun. ex. Je suis vendeur. I am a salesman. or Je suis vendeuse. I am a saleswoman. As you see in this case the noun itself changes from masc to fem.

In most cases though an article is placed before the noun except for in cases of "rules of exception" which French has many.

Do you have some specific example in mind?


I agree with the Ruth-Anne, the article needs to be included.

It's true that sometimes the article isn't needed when nouns are used in real-life situations.  However, sometimes we are given nouns in a list, without any context.  In these situations, the articles should be included.  I've also found myself looking up the nouns in my dictionary to check for gender.


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