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A badge oddity


Today I got learner and apprentice pop ups when I passed 500 and 1000 points (in German). I am actually way past that so it is a bit odd although my overall scoring seems OK. I have never seen that before, I hope the scoring system is OK.


I got the same problem, and it seems like the scoreboard has been reset or something. I can't see anyone with over 5000 points anymore...


I've only been hear for a little over a week, have 12,500 points and the badge seems to work for me. Maybe it's fixed now?


Yes it's fixed. There was another thread on this and they announced it there.


I notice that my points remain accurate, but the icons for my badges are not updated. It's not a big deal but it would be nice if this was fixed.


The score problem was fixed a while ago but there has been a problem with the icons not updating for as long as I have had Rocket,over 6 months. That's why I use a picture icon.
I must admit that I never bothered to report it as a fault.

Nick Hoyt

I had that same problem with the badges not updating, but then I discovered that if you log out and then log back in, it updates it.

Still, I use a picture since I think it's nice to put a face to the username when talking in the forums. 

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