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Forum Can Flashcards be modified to use the Spaced Repetition method?

Can Flashcards be modified to use the Spaced Repetition method?


Hi, I find the Flashcard facility to be highly useful particularly for revising Vocab, but wonder whether it would be feasible to modify the software to have it repeat the ones after a minute or so (depending on the category), i.e. use the "spaced-repetition" idea?

At the moment, if we get a word completely wrong , or partly wrong, we can mark it as "hard", "so-so" or whatever, but then we don't see the word until we've completed the set and then do the "redo" function. If the set has 50+ entries then by the time we re-do it we are likely to have forgotten the word anyway. Spaced repetition is supposedly a good method of aiding retention. 
I don't know how other students use it, but if I get a word wrong, then having it reappear a few words down the line (while it's still, we hope, in short term memory) might help fix it in long-term memory.
What do you think?

Pete T


I am a recent convert to SRS, and I use the Anki flashcard system along with the templates available from the Fluent Forever web site. When I find a difficult word or phrase I copy the entire sentence into an Anki flashcard. Then every day I study those cards. I think that the act of making the card, adding pictures and definitions that mean something to you personally, helps you learn the word or phrase, and is worth the extra time to make the card yourself.


Thanks for that Dan.  I'll definitely give that a go!


So it is not on rocket?


If you mean Anki, no. That is a separate ap. But its easy to cut sentences from Rocket into Anki cards. And they are much more customized and customizable that the Rocket cards.


Sounds like a great idea guys! I hope to use it very soon.


Thanks, Dan-H24. This is a great idea. I downloaded Anki and am amazed at the flexibility you can have. The article "8 Ways to Create Better Flashcards" from the site was also really helpful!

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