Forum Credit for moving to the next level on Megacards

Credit for moving to the next level on Megacards

Any idea how to get credit on the Dashboard for moving from one level of the Megacards game to the next? I've completed the Beginners Level of Megacards on Rocket Spanish and working on Advanced but the Dashboard doesn't reflect that I have completed the Beginning level. I know all the cards and flip through quite rapidly. i'm wondering if that's the problem. Are you required to listen to the audio for each card?


Hi Lisa - The problem is that the MegaCards are not hooked up to the points system. As they are a bonus product we left them out of the initial scope for the badges/points system. However that should probably be rectified.

ok, thanks. They don't show as completed either on the dashboard. You can fix that as well if you fix the points credit.


Hi Lisa - I have added to the product development wishlist!

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