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Discount for multiple languages


I've sent two emails to customer support but so far I've had zero response. Hopefully someone here can answer my question.

If I am a platinum member (purchased all three levels in a particular language), can I get a discount on the purchase of a second (or third) language? I'm aware of the family discount, which applies when a family member wants to learn the same language as you, but what about different languages?

I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer my question. I'm really keen to sign up for the next language, but I'd like to know whether a discount applies.


I'm unaware of a discount for additional languages, but Rocket offers really big sales (60% off) a few times per year.


Rocket is running a 60% off sale for July 4th. The coupon code is 'JULY4' and it's good for the next three days.

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