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Downloading the audio files ti I pad



Hi. I'm new and keen to getting going. I'm currently traveling Spain in my camper and want to improve my Spanish to get the most out of my experiences. The trouble is that my wifi signal is not all that great so I want to download the audits onto my I pad to listen when I can. When I hold on the link it gives just 3 options - open, copy or save to reading list. Is it possible to download the files to I pad ?


Alison: how I envy you to be camping through Spain; what a way to learn the language!

I use a MacBook rather than an iPad, but maybe what I do will work for you. CTRL+click will open a window with the option to SAVE LINK AS... (among several others). Clicking that lets you actually save the file, not a link, to wherever you want on your computer. You can then click to open the file in iTunes. I go ahead and copy the file into iTunes so that it will also show up on my iPhone so I can listen to it in the car or walking or wherever.


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