Forum expression "pushed out"

expression "pushed out"



re your recent  notification of current UPGRADE -Please explain the term "pushed out".  Then ,In the simplest I.T. terms , how to obtain this/these upgrade -particularly re Learn German.
Thanks, Artur Morph


Arthur: I know you are asking the RS team to answer your question, but I think that "pushed out" is a computer age term for "released." In the olden days of, say, the late 20th century, Microsoft would "release" a new version of Windows. Now, a new version is ""pushed out."  

I have become more aware of these sorts of terms since studying Spanish. Sometimes I get hung up trying to find a way of expressing an English idiom or colloquialism in Spanish, and my tutor will tell me to think of a more formal way of expressing my thoughts and I will usually be on track.

As far as accessing the upgrades, I'm afraid I can't help you.


Hi Dan - Thanks for responding!

Hi Artur - You automatically get any new updates!

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