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Forum finding where I left off

finding where I left off


Sometimes I can't remember what lesson I finished last, and have to go through a couple to find when the green colour ends so I know where to start. Is there a way to find that place? It is easy when I haven't closed that tab, but if I have or have turned off the computer, I have to search around to find it. 


Hi Andrea - Whichever lesson you last scored points on is the one that is displayed on the Dashboard when you next login. Is that what you mean?


That answered my question! The clue was "when you next login"! On my computer I am just always logged in. So I logged out and in again, and lo and behold there was my next lesson! Thank you! Andrea


Wow!  I also didn't know about the scored points on the Dashboard because I also don't log out of my computer.  Because of travel and family issues, I didn't look at RF for about three months this summer and decided to redo the module I'd nearly completed last spring.  By logging out, I not only saw the points I'd scored on each lesson of the module but also saw that I'm currently working on the module's first lesson.

What would be really nice is if one could access that particular page via a toggle and to not have to log out to find it. 



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