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Functionality of Flash Cards


The last several times I have used the flash cards I have noticed something that makes their usefulness  questionable.

If one cannot complete all of the cards in a lesson in one session and returns to it a second or third time, some of the previously shown cards are shown again. For a short lesson like the language and culture lessons this is not an issue, but many of the card sets that accompany the audio lessons have close to 100 cards. I usually limit my study sessions to 1/2 hour at a time, and cannot come close to getting through all of them in this time frame. Being constantly reshown cards that I have previously worked on is inefficient, at least until all of the unshown cards have been completed. 

Has anyone else noticed this and also thinks the functionality could be improved?


Really the only way that I have found around this is to rate certain cards I have issues on "Hard", that way when I go through them all and the cycle begins again, it will start on only the hard ones.  If I still feel like I need more work on them, I rate them hard again, then once I get through the set, I simple leave the flashcard portion and go back to it, pretty much resetting to the start of the "hard" part.

What would be nice for the flashcards would be if you could create your own.  Studying the words and phrases are easy, but for me personally, its the kanji that I wish to study more on.  If I can see enough kanji cards and then just flip through them (and provide the meanings on the other side), I'll pretty much be able to read the entire Japanese language.

But yeah, that's my suggestion.  Rate cards you wish to work on hard, and the suggestion is to be able to create your own sets.



Hi Dan - When you re-enter a FlashCard set that you have already started then it should begin with those phrases that have not been rated.

If you are using the Rocket Spanish Travelogue series then let me know, as we have been adding a whole lot of audio to that course.

Hi Trutenor - Customized flashcards are going to be available in the 2017 Edition, which is due for release within the next 48 hours! There will be a blog post/email about this soon.


Thank you so much Jason!  You and the rest of the Rocket Team just continue to make improvements to this place that keeps me coming back for more!  

David K

Thanks Jason. This is great news.   Flashcards have already been improved a great deal.  One additional idea you might consider for the future wish list is to add vertically, the same functionality you just recently added horizionally.  

I really appreciate the recently added capacity to focus only on the non-easy cards.

What would be great is to add one extra row of buttons of the module overview, and perhaps even the entire course overview that would allow us to focus on a set of flashcards containing all of the remaining "hard," or any other category card in the whole module of 7 lessons.

When studying to take the module test, we now have to open up all seven  of the lessons in the module one by one and look for cards not in the Easy category.  LOL Maybe I'm getting too lazy, I'm suddenly feeling somewhat spoiled. 

Thanks and keep up the great work. 


Hi David - That's a good idea. I suppose we have to find the balance between making it easy to use/effective and not over-complicating it for the majority of users. Nevertheless, I will add it to the development wishlist for future discussion!

David K

Yes, balancing all the factors is challenging.

You and your Rocket team has done such an excellent job that  is my favorite language learning software out of dozens I've tried.  I use www.memrise for vocabulary building as that the only thing they focus on.  You all are number one in
sentences, breaking them down, narrative, and over all aesthetics.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. When I make suggestions I'm never thinking of the bigger picture trade-offs you guys have to think about.  I just want to make sure you've got a possible improvement to consider. 

One of the additional advantages you have here is a small but dedicated learning community.  The more we all know about the concerns and perspectives of customers, designers, management, competitive, supplemental resources, etc. the better, IMO. I think I can speak for many other students when I say we greatly appreciate the time you and the rest of the Rocket team spend answering our questions, and responding to our feedback.  Thanks again.


HI David - Thanks for the feedback. Over the years our members feedback has certainly driven a few changes/elements/functionality!

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