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Hallo zusammen!!



Hello, everybody!!  I am from Utah (die Vereinigten Staaten) and have been re-learning German for about a year or so.  I took 4 years of German in college, many, many years ago.  The only thing I remember from all that is "Ich wasche mich die Hände"--actually, I think it's really “Ich wasche mir die Hände.”  We didn't even learn the most fundamental of German rules…the verb goes in 2nd position!!  

I am thrilled to have found Rocket German--so many features to fully embed German in my brain: listening comprehension, speaking, writing, virtual dialogues, along with flashcards and cultural and grammar tips.  I esp. love the audio feedback feature, whereby I can record my pronunciation and compare it with a native speaker--this has been invaluable for me.  

In order to get more experience with reading and listening comprehension I am reading the first Harry Potter book in German, accompanied with the audiobook in German and the English version in book form.  

I hope you all are feeling the same enjoyment of Rocket German that I am…bravo to the developers of this program!!



I am delighted with the voice-recognition function of this program, allowing us to compare our pronunciation w/ native speakers !  I have told my wife how much I am enjoying this feature, and she mentioned that she would like to get similar help w/ her Italian pronunciation.  Is there a program out there that just works with speech articulation (but just articulation) in the same way that Rocket Languages does?

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