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Hello!  My name is Amarissa and I am a chicana (Mexican-American) in my 20's living in the U.S.  My father is from the Mexican state of Jalisco and while we do have some family in the United States, a majority of them are back in Mexico.  Family is a huge part of Latino culture, and unfortunately I was not raised bilingual.  That being said, I know a decent amount of Spanish but it is all self-taught.  

My main goals for learning Spanish are to pass the DELE Spanish fluency exam, be able to communicate more deeply with my family members that don't speak English, apply for dual citizenship, and eventually teach English to Latino immigrants that are new to the U.S. so that they can achieve their American Dream and one day be able to re-unite with the family members that they left behind to come here.  

I know they are big goals that will take time to reach, but I am confident that I will be able to reach them through work and time. 

Nice to be part of this learning community.  :)



¡Bienvenida, AmarissaR!


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