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Home swap network for Rocket users


Hi Rocket users,

I'm a long-term user of Rocket and it really helped me on my way to Italian. Certainly, it gave me pretty much all of my foundation. I’m a huge fan of this platform.

One of the reasons I do Italian is because of my dream to one day spend a considerable amount of time in Italy. I try to go there every year but I want to spend 3-6 months a year there once I retire. Learning the language is intertwined with my wish to travel.
I’m a software developer so I decided to build a product to help me afford long term travel by way of home swap. I’ve only just launched it so there are only a few homes on it so far but I’d like to share it with users of Rocket to build a community. If anyone would like to come to Sydney, my home is on there!
It’s called People Like Us and it’s here:
Please check it out, register and list your home. Offer me a swap. Especially if you’re in Italy! ☺
Leave me feedback here or send to [email protected]
Thanks so much!


Drew: I intend to spend more time perusing your site, but at first look I love the idea. I have a similar goal to yours: I plan to spend an extended amount of time...3 months at least, but maybe longer...traveling through South America all the way to the End of the Earth. This home swap idea might help me achieve my goal.

As a long term user of Rocket and as something that can benefit other Rocket users, I hope they allow the link to your site to remain and don't consider it spam intended to drive traffic to other sites.


Hey Dan,
I hope it's allowed to stay. I'm not a blow-in to this site having earned around 280K points, and I'm very sincere in the intent. I've put so much work in to the site and I'd love to put back to this community that has given me so much. I'd love to do it in partnership with Rocket actually. I'd happily promote Rocket on my site as I think it's the best way I've seen to learn a language.
When are you thinking of doing it? We're at least a couple of years off just due to kids & school, but after that I really want to travel a whole lot more and probably do some software dev while travelling. The main thing though is that the cost of accommodation is just a killer. I can afford flights, but I can't afford long term accommodation. And, my house sits empty when I travel so it all seems pretty logical.
Would love to get your feedback.
Cheers, Drew


Drew: I am immersed in a book project right now that I have to get published before thinking about the Next Big Thing. So I think I am at least a year away from an extended period away.


What’s your project? Is it related to your language learning at all?


Drew: it is a book of photographs and stories that I have collected in Cuba over the past 5 years. The last trip especially I was able to get some stories from non-English speakers that would have been impossible in the past, so I guess it is at least tangentially related.


Wow, please post something about it when you're done. I'd love to see that!


Hola Daniel,

Si piensas pasar un buen rato en América del sur (¡te envidio!), recomiendo que sigas el “travelogue” de este sitio web. Me ayuda mucho (aún más que los otros cursos), el vocabulario es muy útil y tiene muy buenas ideas sobre los itinerarios a seguir en Latinoamérica.*



*Además de visitar a nuestro amigo Jeff en Perú, por supuesto…


I really like it, although I'm probably not going to do much with it for a while. For one thing, I still have a lot to learn. I'm learning Chinese.


Kudos to you. I find it hard enough and I'm learning Italian. I understand that yours is 10 times harder if you're an English speaker.

I'm making a few changes at the moment to make it easier to list your home. Do you have any specific feedback that would make it better for you? I'd love to get a Rocket community going, especially if there are English learners out there in the countries we want to swap with!

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