Forum How does recording work?

How does recording work?

Ling Ling wannabe

Ling Ling wannabe


I just started Rocket French but I'm a little confused on the “Hear it! Say it!” part. Everytime I record myself saying it nothing happens after. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please explain how that works?

Also, is there a guide or overview for new users? It would be great if there is a link or a website that explains the site. If not, I would appreciate any kind of advice. :)

Thank you so much!

Ling ling wannabe



One of the Rocket people will do their best to sort out your problem, but they're going to ask for more information. What device are you using? What browser? What do you mean, nothing happens after you record yourself? You refer only to Hear It - does the recording process work differently for you in the lesson material? The more specific you are about what you're doing and what you're experiencing, the more likely it is that someone from Rocket will be able to help you in the fewest number of iterations.



marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Ling Ling wannabe, 


Thank you for reaching out; as Robert very well said it :) The more details you provide, the easier and faster would be for us to help you out. You can send us an email to [email protected] and explain your issues there. 


Overall, we recommend using an updated Chrome or Safari browser, and a wired headset when taking the lessons. Other browsers may allow you to record, but you won't get feedback. 


About the course features; if you have a specific feature you'd like to know of, please also let us know and we'll give you the details. I am attaching a video from the 2021 Edition, so some features may not be located in the same places anymore.


Kind Regards!


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