Forum Is there a way to know who the current "☆Tutor" is on the forum?

Is there a way to know who the current "☆Tutor" is on the forum?


I've noticed some older posts where the members have blue badges labeling them as "☆Tutor", however some of those posts are years old. Is there a way to view who the current "☆Tutor" is on the forum? (I'm asking specifically about Japanese, but this could apply to any language.)



Since asking my question I found a thread where "Crystal-Rocket-Japanese-Tutor" posted (I'm not sure if there is a "Crystal-Rocket--Tutor" for all languages), but the last post is dated four months ago. Is that tutor still active?

ETA: Crystal visits the forum and she's very helpful. (・ω・)b


Hi there - Crystal is still active on the Japanese forum!


I was told by Rocket that in the past a one-to-one tutor was available in the past.  The service was elimated since logistically it was difficult to manage.


It's understandable. I don't know about the other language forums, but the Japanese forum has been very quiet in the last few months. 

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