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I posted this on the German forum, but I realise it may be useful for other languages too if Netflix has content in those languages.

I have come across a chrome extension which works with Netflix. Amongst other things it allows you to see both German and English subtitles together and also see previous and upcoming subtitles in a side bar. There are some dictionary functions but not that good.
You can also step back to an earlier subtitle easily with the side bar.

I found it quite useful and it's free.
Language learning with Netflix


I don't know about NetFlix, but I am learning a lot through TV Japan, which I subscribed to a year ago.  They have Japanese subtitles on most of their programs, and I have noticed my reading is getting better.  Also I am noticing that I catch a lot more words and phrases while listening.  Every time I learn a new grammar point, I'll hear it on TV Japan.
Well worth the extra $25 a month I pay for it.

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