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Forum Learning Languages While Sick

Learning Languages While Sick


Learning Languages While Sick
      Many people become bored while sick, and oftentimes don't  feel like doing anything. After a while, lying in bed or even binge-watching Netflix shows will become boring. So what will one do while feeling under the weather? A lot of activities are not an option. Working out isn't enjoyable when one has to tote around a box of tissues with them, playing an instrument only fogs up the head even more, and the balance is affected, etc. Sometimes someone who is ill will not even feel like walking. While sick we also tend to forget the things that we can do. Hence, I also want to bring up the point that language-learning is not a bad activity to try when all you feel like doing is staring at the wall. Staring at the wall is not productive. So even though the cognitive abilities are not at their peak during these times, you must consider the main benefit:
-Studying other languages while sick will still help drill the information into your head even when it seems everything else is going the opposite direction. 

        So next time you're sick and are browsing YouTube for "Worst Tattoo Compilation 2016" ( or something of that sort), consider studying your new language or even a completely new one. It will take your mind off of your illness and you will be better in no time! 



Good word. And good advice for life in general: always do what you can do.


It opens up an entirely new range of vocabulary words to learn also: sick, flu, tissue, sneeze, etc...

Between good fortune and annual flu shots I have not been down-on-the-couch sick for several years. The last two times I have been incapacitated was from injury, not illness, and I can state that language learning while under the influence of opiod pain meds is not very effective!


Good advice. Nearly 7 months ago I was travelling and spent 2 days in bed with food poisoning. The first day I didn't do a thing, apart from being sick. The second day was my biggest day ever on Rocket. I think I earned as many points that day as I had up till that point. It was also the start of my current streak, nearly 200 days. Strange motivation, but it worked!


Glad to hear your responses:). Right now I am undecided as to whether I should call a priest or just make more of the homeopathic cures. Something nasty is going around, but I've learned more Russian and Japanese in the past two days than I have in the past month!


When I'm sick, I not only have too little strength to move but I also get foggy brain syndrome so trying to learn anything new is out of the question.  During those times, I wouldn't tackle anything new, but simply review previous lessons in the hopes that something will stick.  Fortunately, I'm usually only down one or two times a year.


Yes I think it really depends on the illness.  As a sufferer of migraines, looking at a screen is absolutely the last thing I want to do for relaxation!


@Andrea-S59, I get migraines too and I know what you mean. I definitely can't do anything when I have one!


I'm about to have cataract surgery on one eye, so I will be testing this out.  Hopefully, with one eye, I will be able to do lots of studying.  We'll see!


Depends how sick you are. If you get a bug with extreme migraines you simply cannot do anything other than lay in bed.


I had three surgeries this past summer, and I was able to study all three times.  However, if I had the flu or something similar, I doubt I'd be able to work.

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