Forum Looking for a language exchange partner in Fès, Morocco.

Looking for a language exchange partner in Fès, Morocco.



Hi, Hope posting this isn't breaking any rocket rules... I am a native english speaker currently living in Fès, morocco, where i'm self studying (with rocket help!) french and moroccan arabic (darija). Skype is blocked in morocco so i can't do voice chats anymore. If anyone here is in Fès and would like to do a face-to-face english/french/darija language exchange please get in touch - i'll buy the coffees! PS. i've also posted this on the major language exchange websites but have had no luck finding anyone as yet. if anyone has any ideas about finding a language partner in morocco i'm open to suggestions - it has been tricky so far without knowing arabic. pps. I'm a 30 yr old female, and am ideally looking for a female partner. Don't want my boyfriend getting jealous! Thanks all!

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